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Fishers Pond Fishery is based on an 18 hectare fish farming complex in the Itchen catchment near Winchester. Fish were first farmed on this site more than 700 years ago. All the fish we sell are guaranteed to be young healthy stock. We do not sell stunted fish culled from overstocked angling waters.
Since 1976 we have followed a strict quarantine policy. We do not allow any fish onto this site. This policy, together with those of regular disinfection and health screening by frequent veterinary monitoring, gives us the highest possible health rating. All of our ponds are included in the M.A.F.F. SVC screening programme.
All of the fish sold by Fishers Pond Fishery have been produced in our own hatchery from our own broodstock.
The broodstock are kept in specially built ponds and are managed exclusively for the production of eggs and milt.
In the Spring the broodstock are taken into the hatchery and stripped. The eggs are incubated in special jars. Once hatched the little fish are kept in the hatchery until they are ready to feed and then they are stocked out into nursing ponds.
All of these little fish have to be grown for at least two summers before they are big enough to be stocked for angling. Some of them are grown on for four summers before they are ready for sale.
No angling takes place on these ponds so the fish are undamaged and naive.
Each winter all of the ponds are drained and harvested. Most of the fish are sold but the largest fish are kept, to be grown on for a further year and so the cycle continues.



Our season for harvesting and moving fish extends from November to March inclusive but there are times even during this winter period when we cannot or will not move fish. Mild autumn conditions sometimes cause us to postpone the start of our season by as much as a month and frosts can close us down at any time during the winter. Although carp and tench may be handled safely at other times of the year, shoal fish can suffer very badly if handled in the Spring. In fairness to the fish, to ensure you get good value and to protect our reputation we have a firm rule NOT to move fish after the 31st March.
Please therefore get your orders to us as soon as possible even if you want the fish delivered late in the stocking period.


All Fishers Pond fish are reared under conventional fish farm conditions. Out fish are free of disease because they are kept in conditions which are, as far as possible, free of challenge by disease organisms and free of stress. In our opinion immature fish should not be stocked amongst sexually mature fish of the same species. So far as Carp are concerned, we strongly advise customers considering the purchase of C2 not to stock them densely without first removing all previously present sexually mature carp


All fish stocked in open water must be accompanied by a written consent from E.A. This consent, known as Section 30 Consent, requires the supply of detailed information much of which can only be supplied by the fish producer. We now undertake all S.30 applications for the stocking of Fishers Pond fish. We make a small charge for this service.


Fishers Pond Fishery guarantees the live delivery of fish in good condition. Customers are encouraged to be present at all deliveries and to be involved in the counting and weighing of fish.

Telephone: (02380) 694412

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